Reimagining Singaporeans is an online citizen initiative that invites everyday Singaporeans to acknowledge the severity of statelessness in Singapore and possibly be inspired to act on raising awareness for them.

Do note that:
We do not represent PAP, WP, or any other P that makes it to the government so steady pom pi pi?
We try our best to provide info about statelessness in Singapore, but you should always double confirm and just do a quick google check on your own la hor.
If you want to use the info, please tag us at @reimaginingsingaporeans on social media. But if you get into trouble, pls untag thx.
We know Singaporeans are easily triggered, but please la, not everything is about you, don't need angry one la.
We have no money so please don't sue us (tolong ah). If you not happy, just post on Facebook or Twitter ok.

Please contact reimaginingsingaporeans@gmail.com for further information.